Good Start Great Start

Good Start Great Start - School Readiness programme

Early Years Education

Middlesex University, with many years of accumulated expertise and research in early years education, has been working with experienced early years education professional Annabelle Narey to build the resources and expertise needed to assist parents and children when preparing for transition. The resulting University-backed programme offers parents the opportunity to develop relationships with each other as well as their child’s early years setting or school.  By developing social links within the attending group, the parents are helped to form a network of support across the sessions and beyond.

Children experience a number of transitions throughout their life and these milestones have a definitive effect on their development.  Their early years transition from home to nursery or nursery to school can be an exciting time for a child full of opportunities and growth but it can be a time of uncertainty where surroundings are different and expectations, procedures and faces are unfamiliar. Getting transition right is vital for every child.

Parental Engagement

Parental engagement helps lay the foundation for a child’s positive transition.  Developing strong, respectful relationships between parents and practitioners is beneficial for both children and parents. For practitioners, developing a trusted relationship with parents provides them with a deeper insight into the child’s needs enabling them to support the child more effectively.  Separation anxiety can affect both parents and children and friendly exchanges between practitioners and family members are hugely significant in easing this process.  Our programme allows parents to develop and build trust in the system which will provide a framework for their child’s academic future.


Good Start Great Start is a 6 week early years programme that aligns to the Ofsted guidance on parental engagement.

Programme benefits:

Children – develop independence, social skills and make friends

Parents – learn skills and techniques to enable them to support their child’s learning

Adult Me Time – parents build relationships with other parents and strengthen their relationship with staff at their child’s nursery/school.

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