Programme structure

Facilitated by:1 trained facilitator with support
Duration:6 weeks
Target Group:Parent and child 2+
Group size:Up to 10 parents and their child
Session time:2 hours weekly

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Super Snacks

This component focuses on the values of nutritional eating with emphasis on the importance of children starting the day with a good breakfast, to help them be alert and an active learner at school.

Make & Do

The parent and child will undertake a weekly ‘Make & Do’ task. These activities work in support of school readiness skills and also provide a resource for the families to take home.

Me Time

Research tells us that it is important for children to understand that just as they enjoy being with their friends that adults also need time together so that they can talk about grown up things.  This time is dedicated to allowing each age group to divide and to enjoy separate peer activities.


This is an opportunity for parents to develop relationships with other parents and strengthen their relationship with the staff at their child’s nursery/school.  The team provide weekly facilitated discussions around set themes to support the learning that is taking place during the programme.


The team will provide a mixture of group activities which allows opportunity for social interaction and the development of gross motor skills.  Aside from the obvious health benefits, lots of physical energetic play indoors/outdoors also provides a contrast which prepares the children for the calmer activities which will follow.

Story Bags

A range of themed story bags will be provided with some guidance notes to help the parent with ideas and vocabulary to use during the activity.

Scrap Book

The children will create memories during the programme in a scrap book that they can take home.

All Join In

The group finish the session with singing and a positive affirmation exercise.


The Good Start, Great Start evaluation uses a pre and post-test, mixed methods evaluation design, with two independent reporters (parent/carer and early years practitioner) using standardised instruments with established reliability and validity. A reliable instrument yields consistent scores in the same person whenever it is used to measure a clearly defined attribute. A valid instrument is one that accurately measures the attribute for which it was developed. The parent(s)/carer(s) of each participating family, and the Good Start, Great Start child’s Early Years practitioner are invited to complete a questionnaire designed specifically to measure the programme goals before the programme commences (pre-test) and again after the six-week cycle ends (post-test).

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